the heart of a guardian

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Romantic flight

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Things that were in httyd 1 AND httyd 2 and I wonder if they will continue to be in httyd 3. Feel free to add if I missed any

  • "This is Berk" opening and ending the movie
  • The movie title not showing until the very end
  • Movie opens with shots of Berk and sheep being kidnapped
  • Toothless catching Hiccup and protecting him in his wings (multiple times in httyd 2)
  • Astrid falling on top of Hiccup to the ground
  • Hiccup imitating Stoick
  • Astrid affectionately punching Hiccup
  • Fishlegs “I’m okay!!!!”
  • Toothless smiling at Astrid while upside down
  • Regurgitating fish (lol does this count)
  • Toothless walking on his back legs
  • Toothless imitating human laughter
  • Hiccup and Toothless flying up a larger dragon’s tail (get hit by it in the first one and fly over it in the second)
  • Drawing on the ground + Toothless joins in
  • Listening for a heartbeat… :(
  • Hiccup watching his dad sail away from him on a boat (f UCK)
  • Gobber grumbling that Hiccup/Stoick never listens while character doesn’t listen
  • Hiccup “Just let me show you”
  • Ruffnut and Tuffnut headbutting
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WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it
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'i thought this might happen…but i understand.'

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just watch it

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